Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I think I should update everyone on what is going on with Shane, Oleg, Trish and Justin. Trish and Justin hit a few bumps as I mentiond in my last post and were having problems finishing their homestudy the people over at reeces rainbow thought it would be best to relist the boys so that they could find another family, Trish and Justin were still working SO very hard to bring the boys home they were speaking with alot of people non stop trying to find different ways for the boys to come home, that went on for quite a while, today Oleg and Shane appeard on the MFFM page I asked Trish right away if it was them and she said that it wasn't my heart broke into a million pieces, Trish and I have become really great friends and I can't imagine the boys with anyone els but her as their mommy. It has been hard to "let go" of the fact that Trish and Justin will not be the boys mommy and daddy...really hard....we are all broken hearted about this but I know we need to be happy that Oleg and Shane will now be coming home to their forever family even tho we didn't picture it this way.......God has a reason for everything and I can't help but believe there is a big reason that Trish and I 'met' and have become so close. Please be praying for healing for Trish and Justin and please be praying for Oleg and Shane's "new" family and of course PLEASE be praying for Oleg and Shane they are due for transfer any day now and they are very small (the size of 2 year olds).

Thank you for your continuous prayers and support hopefully I will find out who the new family is and let all of you know

Trish and Justin, please know that I love you guys so very much, no matter what I am here for you guys and I am so happy we have "met" and become such great friends your love for the boys is amazing and your will to keep fighting was inspiring. I love you guys God has an amazing plan <3