Monday, August 20, 2012

Conner is home!!!

On Staurday Conner was well enough to go home, thank you Jesus, for healing him!!! Conner still needs prayers for continued healing but look how happy he is!

Such a happier boy from just a few days ago!

photo 5
(this picture breaks my heart)

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers for Conner and his family the last 12 days! It means so much to them and me!!!

Oh how I love this sweet boy

Isnt he too cute for words?? I think so!!!
I love you sweet Conner boy <3


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Praying Doesn't Stop When The Child Comes Home

What does that mean? It means I haven't just stopped praying and thinking about Conner, and never will. And this is why, "on Tuesday Conner got a fever that was followed by bloody diarrhea, and vomiting. Today he was brought to the ER  and the ER doc ordered ultrasound of bowels to check for intussusception of bowels, but it was clear Then they started thinking he might have a bacterial infection in his bowels. After he was admitted to the hospital (on regular floor), he began convulsing and his skin became mottled.  That's when they started thinking maybe his bacterial infection moved to his blood and he was going into shock. He was transferred to PICU and will remain here until they can figure out what's going on" -taken from Lorraines blog (Conners mom)

My heart is breaking, Conner has already been through so much, and the Patterson's have been through so much in the last 2-3 years. I just cant stand to see Conner in so much pain, They're not able to give him good pain meds (morphine or other narcotics) because there are too many risks with all of the diagnoses. He got a tiny dose of Chloral Hydrate (sedative) to try to calm him down so he can rest. Please pray for total healing in Conner's body! Please pray that God gives the doctors guidence and knowledge of how to treat Conner! Pray that the Patterson's have peace while Conner is in the hospital!

Dear precious Conner I want to let you know you are always on my mind, in my heart and in my prayers and always will be. I love you so very much and I hate seeing you in so much pain, I wish I could be with you right now and give you a hug and kiss. I wish I could take all of your pain away! You are in my heart always. I am so glad that you have an amazing family to be with you and hold you while you feel so horrible, sweet boy I love you!

-love your prayer warrior Madison

Conner on his birthday August 2nd 2012

Please keep Conner in your prayers I will try and update when I get updates

Friday, August 3, 2012

The change in this boy is amazing

The "before" picture is from April 2010 the 'after" picture is from August 2012

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Today is Conner's 7th birthday and first birthday HOME! Conner may be small but he can steal your heart with his soulful eyes and sweet smile, I know he has stolen mine!

Today is a very special day because 7 years ago a beautiful brown eyed boy was born, born into a world that didn't understand what a blessing he was, Conner was left at the hospital because he was born with Trisomy 21 aka Down syndrome, I can't imagine what was going through his mothers head when the doctors told her that her perfect baby boy would not have a place in society and would be better off in an orphanage, she must have been devastated, I don't understand how someone could give up such a treasure, such a beautiful beautiful treasure, That is what Conner is he is a treasure, he was once a "diamond in the rough" but not anymore, he is now a diamond shining bright for everyone to see! 

Take a look at how much he has changed

February 2012

Conner still has that sweet personality. disposition and smile that he had before but he now has a light in his eyes that only a families love can bring 

May 2012
(Conner with his big brother Parker and his little brother Keifer)

Let me tell you, this sweet boy is NOT 'better off' in an orphanage. No child is, all children are worthy of love and affection no matter what their medical needs are or what their background is like ALL children are worthy of a family!

Conner is a miracle, he has a testimony that can and will change the hearts of many , Conner has come so very far in the 5months that he has been home! Just look at this boy, look into his eyes 

What do you see? What I see is a little boy that was once lost but is now found, a little boy that had no hope without loving parents and caring siblings, a little boy that was deemed as unworthy of love, a little boy that needed some yummy home-cooked food to give him that chub!

Conner's eyes tell a story, a story of hope, faith and love. A story that only God could weave together in one big tapestry! 

April 2010
Conner gives me hope, hope for all of the children still 'living' in his former orphanage, hope that families will step up and bring these angels home, and give them a life of happiness!

Take a look at what only 3 months of pure LOVE did for Conner!

And this can happen for any child if you just give them a chance and love them whole heartedly

I want to thank the Patterson family for stepping up and taking the leap of faith to bring home 2 boys that I love so deeply and with my whole entire heart. I also want to thank them for being that perfect family that these boys needed to thrive! Thank you Patterson family I love you!

Dear Conner, you are such an amazing little blessing and I want you to always know that, ok? I also want to wish you a very happy 7th birthday! I cant wait for the day that I can wrap my arms around you and give you a big hug! You are perfect in every way from the tip of your toes to the top of your head, you are perfect! I am so glad that I could be apart of your amazing story! -love your prayer warrior Madison <3


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Christyn Joy Patterson

Today marks 2 years from the day that Christyn Joy Jewlery Patterson went to live with Jesus. Chrissie was a true fighter, a miracle here on earth. She could make anyone and everyone laugh and smile with her spunky persoanlity! She was filled with JOY (which is her middle name) and laughter, she was spunky, adorable, sweet, loving, a little princess, and a "Serbian Sensation"! She was "perfect" in every sense of the word, but her heart wasn't, she had many major heart defects that weren't healed here on earth but they were healed, in Heaven!
I asked Mattie, Chrissie's sister, if she could write a "guest post" for my blog saying how Chrissie changed her life and this is what she wrote
"Madison asked me a few days ago to write about how Chrissie changed my life.  She was our second adoption ever (now out of 9).  I hadn't ever even heard of Serbia, it's one of those on the map where it is so small it has to be zoomed in in the corner just to read it's name.  Her brown eyes were captivating.  I was in love before I even met her.  
Chrissie with her mommy and daddy in October 2009 (first meeting)

She came home late one night for the first time, and was really scared.  She wouldn't let go of Dad, but finally right before we went to bed she snuggled into me and wouldn't let go.  My heart was tightly woven at that very moment. We have a indescribable bond.  

Mattie and Chrissie

The six months following, she spent eating massive amounts of brownie batter, wheezing because she would get wound up without being able to stop, painting nails, wearing 5 necklaces at one time, and standing by the window with me doing a little dance while singing, "Pah-dah-kee-shah!!", which is Serbian for "rain".  I wholeheartedly believed that she would be healed, not for one second did I doubt it.

Meribeth, Chrissie and Mattie painting nails

At the start of her 7th month with us, she underwent her major heart surgery. She fought the rest of those 31 days with courage and valor most mighty men of war would hope to attain.  Christyn Joy was still herself during that miraculous time.  Miracle after miracle came from our Jehovah Rapha, and I still thank Him for every single one.

Today, two years ago, on May 19, my precious angel sister got her wings.  Jesus called her Home to be fully healed.
 I was shocked.  Shocked and horrified are complete understatements.  It was 5 o'clock in the morning when I was awakened by our friend Stephanie and told to meet in the girls room.  I knew something was terribly wrong.  We all sat confused and sleepy as Stephanie put her phone on speaker, only to hear the sobs of our mom.  I bit my lip and frantically looked around, hoping that someone would say something.  Mom finally managed to get out that our little sister had gone to heaven.  I rocked back and forth on the floor bawling, saying to myself that it wasn't true.  We had to be loaded into a car, on that dark morning, to go say our last goodbyes in a hospital room.  In the hospital room I couldn't look at anyone. I cried so hard I almost fainted.  I slid against the wall and sobbed.  I finally got the courage to stroke her pig tails one more time.  I walked out of that hospital a scarred and broken girl.  

The funeral came and went, and I was comforted by the outpouring of love that our family got.  The rest of the summer went by in a haze.  I honestly can't remember it.  I felt a gut-wrenching shoot of pain in my heart any time I thought of her name.  
One day, around November, I remember waking up and realizing that I was loving again.  That I was laughing, and could think straight.  I remember holding my newest sibling, a tiny 7 week old baby girl with a severe medical condition that would require may surgeries, without fear.  I could recklessly love this bundle of joy without any reserve, by the love and grace of Jesus Christ.  

Mattie and Selah December 2010
I can look back now and appreciate the life Chrissie had with us.  I can see the lives she's impacted with praises to God, regardless of the outcome.  Though I'd really like to still have my sister with me, I trust that my Abba Father knows best.  I can have a heavenly mindset.  I can love others like Chrissie did, and Jesus did.  I can look on all of the miracles, and never lose heart.  I can give the orphan a voice. 
Patterson family Apirl 18th 2010

Patterson family Easter 2012

Today I am made WHOLE in Christ.  He has traded beauty for ashes, when two years ago I would have scoffed at that idea.  I thank God for his plan, that I'm not the one in control.  Today I remember Chrissie with love and can't wait to kiss her sweet cheeks in heaven someday!!" -Mattie Patterson

Chrissie would have been Conner and Coopers younger sister, the boys would have loved her and she would have loved the boys, please say a prayer for the Patterson family today, pray that they feel peace today and forever! I love you Patterson family!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Chh chh changes :)

Look at the change in these boys, oh my word, thank you LORD JESUS for your wonderful healing power!

Look at their chubby cheeks and the amazing light in their eyes! Oh how I love these two sweet boys!

and this amazing family of theirs!
Somedays I cannot believe that Cooper will be SEVEN in June and Conner will be SEVEN in August! Look how little they are, they are around the same size as their "baby" sister Selah (who is one) and they .are smaller than their brother Keifer who is 3! But everyday I thank God that he has healed/restored them! Thank you thank you thank you Lord Jesus for bringing them HOME to their family and thank you to all of my followers and everyone els that have prayed for their health!


Tuesday, March 13, 2012


They spent a week in the hospital but are now home with their family and hopefully will not have to return to the hospital anytime soon (please be praying because they are still at risk of getting refeeding syndrome)

First night home (Conner on left. Cooper on right)
Cooper and Conner travel HOME Kiev to Austin 1724

First family photo and first night home

Cooper and Conner travel HOME Kiev to Austin 1723

Cooper and his mommy
Cooper and Conner travel HOME Kiev to Austin 1721

In the airport
Cooper and Conner travel HOME Kiev to Austin 1716

First full day home Cooper and his amazing smile
Cooper and Conner HOME 040[3]

First full day home Conner with his bright eyes!
Cooper and Conner HOME 030[3]

First day home (L-R) Ella Sawyer, Cooper, Conner, Selah, Parker, and Keifer
Cooper and Conner HOME 012[3]

Such precious boys (first full day home)
Cooper and Conner HOME 085[3]

First day in the hospital second day "home"
hospital day 3 002

Hospital 009
hospital day 3 006

Second day in the hospital third day "home"
hospital day 4 064

hospital day 4 056

Cooper and his loving big sister Mattie hospital day 5 085

Conner and Mattie
hospital day 5 078

2 of the most precious 6 year olds I have ever seen hospital day 6 021

The boys siblings got to come and visit themhospital day 6 009

The boys getting ready to go home (6th day in hospital 7th day home)

More pictures to come soon! These boys have stollen my heart not that they hadn't already but their smiles bring a smile to my face and joy to my heart! These boys are simply amazing!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

TODAY is the day!

On February 29th Conner(Oleg) and Cooper(Shane) left their groupa room for one last time never to return, as soon as they went through that big orphanage gate their life changed forever...........

In January 2011 I became an "Orphan Warrior"  for a sweet 5 year old boy named "Oleg" I saw him on RR many times before that and always thought that he was so precious... but then I started to feel like God wanted me to become his warrior, so I lisned to God and I emailed Laurie Rhodes and requested to become his Orphan Warrior little did I know that 3 different families would commit to him in the course of one year......

His reeces rainbow information stated that he was healthy, with no heart complications, very active and an orphanage favorite. And in big red letter it said "he is facing the institution soon" my heart broke for this sweet child.. I asked for more pictures of him and I was given 8 photos...I fell even more in love with him after seeing these pictures.

I prayed for this sweet boy every night for 3 months then on March 18th 2011 I woke up to news that made me so happy..Oleg (and Shane) had been found and would be coming home to a family in Florida... I was so excited.... then on March 27th just 9 days after Oleg finding a family the family had to back out and Oleg was relisted on RR (so was Shane). I was heart broken but I didn't give up on finding his family. 

I "met" a lady named Bianca during the summer and she had the same love for Oleg that I had. she helped me do a fundraiser for Oleg that raised around $50 and she prayed with me for Oleg (and Shane) to find a family... She so wished that Oleg could become her son but that was not Gods plan, her, her husband, and their 3 daughters are now anticipating the arrival of their little guy Jackson (Darren on RR) and I couldn't be happier for them....

On July 22nd Oleg and Shane both appeared on the MFFM page and I was beyond excited..I couldn't wait to find out who the lucky family was. When the famliys FSP showed up on the New commitments page I got goose bumps...They were the family that I was picturing in my mind for Oleg..a young couple that had no children yet and they lived in Idaho which isn't far from Oregon (where I live) I was extatic and emailed Trish and Justin (the family) right away. I got an email from Trish within a day of me emailing her she told me all about her and Justin and how greatful they were for me, she also said that she 'secretly' followed my blog and they had been wanting to commit to Oleg and Shane for a long time! I got goose bumps as I read the emails from her, we talked about me coming and visiting them once the boys got home..we emailed back and forth for a awhile and then we found eachother on facebook, to say that we  became "good friends" is an understatement... we talked almost everyday checking in on eachother... Trish and Justin let me know whenever they hit a "bump" or whenever they had something to celebrate I felt like I was right there with them on the "adoption train"

Around Thanksgiving time Trish and Justin ran into a very big "bump"......The boys were relisted on RR and I felt like my heart had shatterd into a million pieces....Trish and Justin never gave up on adopting the boys though..they talked with a whole bunch of people about the different ways they could bring the boys home and they would let me know of any news they got.....On December 21st the boys appeared back on the MFFM page I was sure that Trish and Justin got everything fixed and that they had re-commited to the boys. I asked Trish right away if that was the case and she said "no, did someone get to them before us?" again my heart sunk Trish called me that night and we were both so heartbroken we cried together and talked for nearly an hour...

A few days after them showing up on the MFFM page I found out who was adopting them it was the Patterson family, a family that I have known about for nearly two years..They adopted their sweet daughter Chrissie from Serbia in 2009 and in May of 2010 she went to live with Jesus after her major heart surgery, they are such a strong family! They have 10 children (including Chrissie) 7 of which are adopted....

They were planning on adopting 2 little boys that they hosted in the summer but the boys went to live with their aunt so they became unavailable, when they saw Oleg and Shane on RR they felt like God was leading them to adopt these precious treasures so they commited to them and began to fix all of the paperwork to adopt them. On January 16th they met the boys for the first time, the boys were small they were the size of 2 year olds at the age of 6, I couldn't believe how little they were.

On January 31st Oleg became Conner Patterson and Shane became Cooper Patterson, brothers, friends, cousins, neighbors, grandsons, sons, and nephews that will be treasured and adored for the rest of their lives. On February 29th they had Gotcha day... They will never have to see the walls of that orphanage ever again PRAISE GOD.. 

Which brings us to today, today March 3rd 2012 Conner and Cooper will be home forever they will meet their 9 siblings, their grandparents, their aunts and uncles, their cousins and they will know the LOVE of a forever family!
I cannot wait to meet these sweet boys someday (hopefully soon)

(I will share pictures later once I get permission from their mommy!)

Monday, January 16, 2012

They met them

Shane and his mommy (Lorraine) Shane will be named Cooper

Oleg and his daddy (Matt) Oleg will be named Conner

Oleg and Shane met their mommy and daddy today!!!!! Look how sweet "my" Oleg is I love him oh so very much <3 and Shane is just precious beyond words...

Here is their mommys blog