Monday, August 20, 2012

Conner is home!!!

On Staurday Conner was well enough to go home, thank you Jesus, for healing him!!! Conner still needs prayers for continued healing but look how happy he is!

Such a happier boy from just a few days ago!

photo 5
(this picture breaks my heart)

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers for Conner and his family the last 12 days! It means so much to them and me!!!

Oh how I love this sweet boy

Isnt he too cute for words?? I think so!!!
I love you sweet Conner boy <3


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Praying Doesn't Stop When The Child Comes Home

What does that mean? It means I haven't just stopped praying and thinking about Conner, and never will. And this is why, "on Tuesday Conner got a fever that was followed by bloody diarrhea, and vomiting. Today he was brought to the ER  and the ER doc ordered ultrasound of bowels to check for intussusception of bowels, but it was clear Then they started thinking he might have a bacterial infection in his bowels. After he was admitted to the hospital (on regular floor), he began convulsing and his skin became mottled.  That's when they started thinking maybe his bacterial infection moved to his blood and he was going into shock. He was transferred to PICU and will remain here until they can figure out what's going on" -taken from Lorraines blog (Conners mom)

My heart is breaking, Conner has already been through so much, and the Patterson's have been through so much in the last 2-3 years. I just cant stand to see Conner in so much pain, They're not able to give him good pain meds (morphine or other narcotics) because there are too many risks with all of the diagnoses. He got a tiny dose of Chloral Hydrate (sedative) to try to calm him down so he can rest. Please pray for total healing in Conner's body! Please pray that God gives the doctors guidence and knowledge of how to treat Conner! Pray that the Patterson's have peace while Conner is in the hospital!

Dear precious Conner I want to let you know you are always on my mind, in my heart and in my prayers and always will be. I love you so very much and I hate seeing you in so much pain, I wish I could be with you right now and give you a hug and kiss. I wish I could take all of your pain away! You are in my heart always. I am so glad that you have an amazing family to be with you and hold you while you feel so horrible, sweet boy I love you!

-love your prayer warrior Madison

Conner on his birthday August 2nd 2012

Please keep Conner in your prayers I will try and update when I get updates

Friday, August 3, 2012

The change in this boy is amazing

The "before" picture is from April 2010 the 'after" picture is from August 2012

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Today is Conner's 7th birthday and first birthday HOME! Conner may be small but he can steal your heart with his soulful eyes and sweet smile, I know he has stolen mine!

Today is a very special day because 7 years ago a beautiful brown eyed boy was born, born into a world that didn't understand what a blessing he was, Conner was left at the hospital because he was born with Trisomy 21 aka Down syndrome, I can't imagine what was going through his mothers head when the doctors told her that her perfect baby boy would not have a place in society and would be better off in an orphanage, she must have been devastated, I don't understand how someone could give up such a treasure, such a beautiful beautiful treasure, That is what Conner is he is a treasure, he was once a "diamond in the rough" but not anymore, he is now a diamond shining bright for everyone to see! 

Take a look at how much he has changed

February 2012

Conner still has that sweet personality. disposition and smile that he had before but he now has a light in his eyes that only a families love can bring 

May 2012
(Conner with his big brother Parker and his little brother Keifer)

Let me tell you, this sweet boy is NOT 'better off' in an orphanage. No child is, all children are worthy of love and affection no matter what their medical needs are or what their background is like ALL children are worthy of a family!

Conner is a miracle, he has a testimony that can and will change the hearts of many , Conner has come so very far in the 5months that he has been home! Just look at this boy, look into his eyes 

What do you see? What I see is a little boy that was once lost but is now found, a little boy that had no hope without loving parents and caring siblings, a little boy that was deemed as unworthy of love, a little boy that needed some yummy home-cooked food to give him that chub!

Conner's eyes tell a story, a story of hope, faith and love. A story that only God could weave together in one big tapestry! 

April 2010
Conner gives me hope, hope for all of the children still 'living' in his former orphanage, hope that families will step up and bring these angels home, and give them a life of happiness!

Take a look at what only 3 months of pure LOVE did for Conner!

And this can happen for any child if you just give them a chance and love them whole heartedly

I want to thank the Patterson family for stepping up and taking the leap of faith to bring home 2 boys that I love so deeply and with my whole entire heart. I also want to thank them for being that perfect family that these boys needed to thrive! Thank you Patterson family I love you!

Dear Conner, you are such an amazing little blessing and I want you to always know that, ok? I also want to wish you a very happy 7th birthday! I cant wait for the day that I can wrap my arms around you and give you a big hug! You are perfect in every way from the tip of your toes to the top of your head, you are perfect! I am so glad that I could be apart of your amazing story! -love your prayer warrior Madison <3