Tuesday, March 13, 2012


They spent a week in the hospital but are now home with their family and hopefully will not have to return to the hospital anytime soon (please be praying because they are still at risk of getting refeeding syndrome)

First night home (Conner on left. Cooper on right)
Cooper and Conner travel HOME Kiev to Austin 1724

First family photo and first night home

Cooper and Conner travel HOME Kiev to Austin 1723

Cooper and his mommy
Cooper and Conner travel HOME Kiev to Austin 1721

In the airport
Cooper and Conner travel HOME Kiev to Austin 1716

First full day home Cooper and his amazing smile
Cooper and Conner HOME 040[3]

First full day home Conner with his bright eyes!
Cooper and Conner HOME 030[3]

First day home (L-R) Ella Sawyer, Cooper, Conner, Selah, Parker, and Keifer
Cooper and Conner HOME 012[3]

Such precious boys (first full day home)
Cooper and Conner HOME 085[3]

First day in the hospital second day "home"
hospital day 3 002

Hospital 009
hospital day 3 006

Second day in the hospital third day "home"
hospital day 4 064

hospital day 4 056

Cooper and his loving big sister Mattie hospital day 5 085

Conner and Mattie
hospital day 5 078

2 of the most precious 6 year olds I have ever seen hospital day 6 021

The boys siblings got to come and visit themhospital day 6 009

The boys getting ready to go home (6th day in hospital 7th day home)

More pictures to come soon! These boys have stollen my heart not that they hadn't already but their smiles bring a smile to my face and joy to my heart! These boys are simply amazing!

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