Saturday, May 19, 2012

Christyn Joy Patterson

Today marks 2 years from the day that Christyn Joy Jewlery Patterson went to live with Jesus. Chrissie was a true fighter, a miracle here on earth. She could make anyone and everyone laugh and smile with her spunky persoanlity! She was filled with JOY (which is her middle name) and laughter, she was spunky, adorable, sweet, loving, a little princess, and a "Serbian Sensation"! She was "perfect" in every sense of the word, but her heart wasn't, she had many major heart defects that weren't healed here on earth but they were healed, in Heaven!
I asked Mattie, Chrissie's sister, if she could write a "guest post" for my blog saying how Chrissie changed her life and this is what she wrote
"Madison asked me a few days ago to write about how Chrissie changed my life.  She was our second adoption ever (now out of 9).  I hadn't ever even heard of Serbia, it's one of those on the map where it is so small it has to be zoomed in in the corner just to read it's name.  Her brown eyes were captivating.  I was in love before I even met her.  
Chrissie with her mommy and daddy in October 2009 (first meeting)

She came home late one night for the first time, and was really scared.  She wouldn't let go of Dad, but finally right before we went to bed she snuggled into me and wouldn't let go.  My heart was tightly woven at that very moment. We have a indescribable bond.  

Mattie and Chrissie

The six months following, she spent eating massive amounts of brownie batter, wheezing because she would get wound up without being able to stop, painting nails, wearing 5 necklaces at one time, and standing by the window with me doing a little dance while singing, "Pah-dah-kee-shah!!", which is Serbian for "rain".  I wholeheartedly believed that she would be healed, not for one second did I doubt it.

Meribeth, Chrissie and Mattie painting nails

At the start of her 7th month with us, she underwent her major heart surgery. She fought the rest of those 31 days with courage and valor most mighty men of war would hope to attain.  Christyn Joy was still herself during that miraculous time.  Miracle after miracle came from our Jehovah Rapha, and I still thank Him for every single one.

Today, two years ago, on May 19, my precious angel sister got her wings.  Jesus called her Home to be fully healed.
 I was shocked.  Shocked and horrified are complete understatements.  It was 5 o'clock in the morning when I was awakened by our friend Stephanie and told to meet in the girls room.  I knew something was terribly wrong.  We all sat confused and sleepy as Stephanie put her phone on speaker, only to hear the sobs of our mom.  I bit my lip and frantically looked around, hoping that someone would say something.  Mom finally managed to get out that our little sister had gone to heaven.  I rocked back and forth on the floor bawling, saying to myself that it wasn't true.  We had to be loaded into a car, on that dark morning, to go say our last goodbyes in a hospital room.  In the hospital room I couldn't look at anyone. I cried so hard I almost fainted.  I slid against the wall and sobbed.  I finally got the courage to stroke her pig tails one more time.  I walked out of that hospital a scarred and broken girl.  

The funeral came and went, and I was comforted by the outpouring of love that our family got.  The rest of the summer went by in a haze.  I honestly can't remember it.  I felt a gut-wrenching shoot of pain in my heart any time I thought of her name.  
One day, around November, I remember waking up and realizing that I was loving again.  That I was laughing, and could think straight.  I remember holding my newest sibling, a tiny 7 week old baby girl with a severe medical condition that would require may surgeries, without fear.  I could recklessly love this bundle of joy without any reserve, by the love and grace of Jesus Christ.  

Mattie and Selah December 2010
I can look back now and appreciate the life Chrissie had with us.  I can see the lives she's impacted with praises to God, regardless of the outcome.  Though I'd really like to still have my sister with me, I trust that my Abba Father knows best.  I can have a heavenly mindset.  I can love others like Chrissie did, and Jesus did.  I can look on all of the miracles, and never lose heart.  I can give the orphan a voice. 
Patterson family Apirl 18th 2010

Patterson family Easter 2012

Today I am made WHOLE in Christ.  He has traded beauty for ashes, when two years ago I would have scoffed at that idea.  I thank God for his plan, that I'm not the one in control.  Today I remember Chrissie with love and can't wait to kiss her sweet cheeks in heaven someday!!" -Mattie Patterson

Chrissie would have been Conner and Coopers younger sister, the boys would have loved her and she would have loved the boys, please say a prayer for the Patterson family today, pray that they feel peace today and forever! I love you Patterson family!

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