Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Augsut 2nd.....

What's so special about August 2nd you may ask??? August 2nd is Oleg's 6th birthday!!!! Oleg will be 6 on August 2nd! I remember my 6th birthday do you? I had a blast on my 6th birthday there was cake, presents, games, friends, fun, and laughter! Shouldn't everyones 6th birthday be spent like that? Well that might not be how Olegs 6th birthday is spent or celebrated!!! After Oleg turns 6 (if he dosn't have a family before then) he will lose all of his money in his grant on RR, it will be shared between all of the boys ages 6+
So what I'm saying is if you are thinking about adopting Oleg then you better commit to him SOON because if you wait until after August 2nd his grant might be "taken" by another family adopting one of the other little boys on the Older Boys 6+ page on RR!!!!! This needs to be Olegs LAST birthday spent without love and a family!!! I am praying and hoping that Oleg is HOME by his 7th birthday!!! Will you pray along with me???

And the Online Scentsy Party raised $51.50 for Olegs grant its not amazing but its not bad either. Atleast we got some money for him right? :) Please keep spreading the word about Oleg and his for finding a family!
Thank you!!


  1. Just donated to Oleg's fund on Reece's Rainbow
    hoping sincerely that he gets a family asap..

  2. Hi Madison!
    Oleg is a sweetheart and we have helped him in the best possible way we can :)
    Oleg is very lucky to have a warrior like you!

    Loads of love


  3. God, please bless Oleg with a mommy and daddy to call his own.

  4. Oh, I am so glad to see that Oleg has a warrior! I LOVE Oleg! He is such a darling. If only we could adopt from two different regions at the same time . . . Anyway, thanks for advocating for this little guy!

    Rachelle (adopting Gideon/Eddie from 54)