Tuesday, August 2, 2011

6 years old! Happy Birthday OLEG!!!!!!

Today Oleg is 6 years old! What a wonderful age for a little boy! Yes Oleg has a family but he still needs prayers and maybe some donations to his familys adoption grant on their FSP! Can you donate $6 to his adoption in honor of his 6th birthday? I know it would mean alot to his family and to him!

Happy Birthday baby boy or should I say big boy since you are 6 years old now? I love you so much without even ever meeting you! Your family is going to be so blessed to have YOU as a son (along with you soon-to-be brother Shane) you boys WILL be blessings beyond belief! You are just so amazing and handsom my sweet boy! I cannot wait until your mama and daddy meet you guys for the first time, I cannot wait until you guys are home forever and I cannot wait until I can meet YOU (and your soon-to-be family) someday, it will all just be so amazing! I love you so much little guy! <3

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