Saturday, November 19, 2011

1 month

 It has been a little longer than a month since I have posted! In my last post  I said Oleg and Shanes family finished their home study but I was sorta kinda wrong, their are a few things that are taking a little while to get for the home study! Please be praying that they can get these "things" and finish their home study SOON! The boys need to be with their mommy and daddy and their mommy and daddy need these boys! I can't wait to see these adorable boys in the arms on their mommy and daddy! And I can't wait until I can finally meet them!


  1. are you sure this family is adopting the boys? They are no longer listed on the RR link and they boys are back on their orphanage pages.

  2. I posted this post in November.
    And yes I am sure (I talk with them almost everyday). The boys were relisted for reasons I know not of but THIS family is still fighting for them, they are working VERY VERY VERY hard to bring them home and we all need to rally in pray

    Please continue to pray with us
    Thank you