Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Giveaway for Constance.....

Constance is in the same orphanage as my little brother Josiah and she wont be there for long! If someone dosn't commit to her before April she will be transfered! She will still be adoptable after she is transfered..... But why would we want to do that to a sweet little princess? Why would we make her sit in a crib when she should be in a mommas arms why would we make her wait so long when a daddy could be dancing with her and playing???

Do you think this sweet princess deserves to be transfered? Do you think any child does?
Dosn't this face make your heart melt? It sure does make mine <3

Silly Girl <3
LOVE <3 <3 <3

Pretty Princess!!!
Isn't she just the cutest?
Oh how I love her!!!
Stunning little cutie :)
Have I mentiond how much I love her?
She looks like she is thinking "Come on momma come on daddy enough of these pictures and come get me"

If you are Her family please commit to her!!!!

My great friend Ashley is doing a giveaway for sweet Constance....
Please go to her blog for more details http://somethingbeautiful1025.blogspot.com/
Here is her page on RR http://reecesrainbow.org/constance-2h
(I have never met Constance (oh how I wish I can someday) but my mom met her while she was visiting my little brother back in November these photos are from March)

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