Saturday, March 19, 2011

SHANE & OLEG for the Kaminski family–Brooksville, FL

(Here is the info that RR gives about Oleg and Shane's family)

SHANE & OLEG for the Kaminski family–Brooksville, FL

Kim, a stay at home mom, and Jim a lawn tech, and worship leader, are thrilled to be adopting  a child(ren) through reece's rainbow! They have three biological children, but they both decided they would like to add to their family. With this not being possible physically they decided to adopt. They found out about Reece's Rainbow from some long time family  friends, who are also adopting through reece's rainbow, and decided to check it out. They fell in love, and would pray endlessly for the children on this site, and if it was God's will for them to save a child(ren) from these situations they were in, for God to make a way, and show them their child(ren). It was too hard to "choose" on their own, so they really needed God to show them.
They both can't wait to have their child(ren) in their arms, and safe and sound, and being LOVED forever!  Their three bio children Alexus (9), Josh (7), and Tyler (4), are so excited, and can't wait to meet their new sibling(s).The boys just want to wrestle, and protect them, and Alexus just wants to be a little mommy, and take care of them! They all can't wait to have the WHOLE family together!                
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