Thursday, February 24, 2011

Do you want to know why....?

Do you want to know why I advocate for Artem and Oleg??? Well the answer to that is I feel God telling me to help the orphans that were born with special needs in Eastern Europe and to help Artem and Oleg! Do you want to know why it's Eastern Europe that I feel so strong about helping? The answer to that is because that's where God has called me to help! Do you know what happens to children that are born with special needs in Eastern Europe??? If a child is born with special needs such as Down Syndrome (which both Artem and Oleg are blessed with) in Eastern Europe their birth is not celebrated and they are not taken home with their mommy and daddy instead they are taken to an orphanage and they wait YEARS to be 'chosen' to be someones's little baby, to be someone's child, to be loved and adored, to be the little princess or prince of their OWN family, they wait years just to be given hope just to be chosen they don't care what the family looks like they don't even care if the family is 'perfect'! Do you feel called to help or adopt the orphans that are born with special needs and are waiting in Eastern Europe? Then please go to this website please look at those sweet faces and ask God if you are called to adopt or advocate for one of them! These are the little sweetie's that I fell in LOVE with they are the ones that I adore but they need more than that they need a mommy and daddy to kiss them and hug them! Is one of these little cuties your son?
My sweet baby Artem (3 years old)
My little monkey boy Oleg (5 years old)

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