Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Oleg's Hope....

Oleg's Hope is a blog made for advocating and helping Oleg (18) find a family!
Oleg is a sweet little boy who was blessed with Down Syndrome he is very active and an orphanage favotrite! Oleg live's in an orphanage in Easter Europe and he is at risk of being transfered! Can YOU see this sweet little guy in a Mental institution??? Oleg NEEDS OUT NOW!!! Oleg is such a cutie and would make a WONDERFUL son for ANY family! Isn't his face just a delight to look at??? Don't you just want to jump through the screen and kiss those little cheeks? Arn't his eyes just beautiful??? Is he your little boy???
Here is his information that he has on
Oleg (18)

Boy, Born August 2, 2005
Look at my little Oleg!  So happy to have a new photo of him, with hair and his big brown eyes!  Oleg is healthy, with no heart complications.  He is very active and an orphanage favorite.   He is already 5 and blessed to still be at the baby house.  He is facing the institution soon.
$1707 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

Donations are tax deductible.
I'm Oleg's WDSD warrior :)

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