Friday, February 25, 2011


PLEASE PRAY!!! There is this sweet little girl named Constance she is in my soon-to-be little brothers orphanage she has Down Syndrome and is 4 years old. Dosn't she seem perfect??? Well.... my parents are in EE right now having court for my little brothers adoption and when they went to the orphanage today they asked if they could see Constance so they could get more info and pictures of her for Reece's Rainbow and they were told by their ficilitator that Constance might be transfered already :( My parents got to spend time with her while they were there for their first trip and my mom said she was so sweet and cute! There is a chance that Constance has been transfered I can't believe it my heart hurts for that sweet little angel! Please pray that Constance is not transfered already please pray that she is doing fine! Here are some pictures of Sweet Constance
Little sweetheart!
Look at that adorable face!
Isn't she sweet?
Pretty girl!
Is this little lovie your daughter?

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